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Brooklyn Garage Door Repair

Brooklyn Garage Door Repair

Brooklyn Garage Door Repair

Garage Doors, roll up doors, and gates are all extremely heavy pieces of equipment that require precision, correct knowledge, and the necessary expertise when repairing, or you will cause more damage instead of fixing the problem. Brooklyn Garage Door Repair always recommends calling in a professional, like us to do the repairs for you. Garage doors, roll up doors, and gates are all very heavy, most weighing at least 150 lbs. If you do not know exactly how to repair them then you could really hurt yourself.

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Brooklyn Garage Door Repair wants to make sure that you are safe. Our technicians are well trained and versed in all garage door, roll up door, and gate repairs. There is no problem we can't repair. There are so many small parts that go into all of these doors and gates that it can be really hard to pinpoint what is exactly causing the problem and needs repair. Brooklyn Garage Door Repair technicians are experts in repairs, we will be able to quickly and easily assess the problem and then fix it for you, usually within the same day.

If you need a repair on your garage door, roll up door, or gate Brooklyn Garage Door Repair can be there quickly to help. We understand that you may need services after hours and that is why we have 24 hour emergency garage door services If you are in need of a repair; don't hesitate call us right away!

Garage Door Repairs You Can Safely Try:

With all the blogs, articles, and videos available online about Do-It-Yourself repairs, it is very tempting to fix your garage door yourself. Yes there are some repairs you can do yourself, but just be careful when attempting to do so because, you just might make the problem worse, or maybe even end up getting hurt. We are listing below some garage door problems you can fix yourself safely.

  • Quick garage door check
      • Before attempting any repairs, start with the garage door closed. Pull the emergency release cord located above the garage door. Lift the door to see if opens and closes without any problems or difficulties. If you detect some resistance, most likely the problem is with the springs, rollers, tracks, and not the opener.
  • Problem with the wall switch
      • If your remote is working, but the wall switch isn’t, you just might need to replace the wall switch or some switch wires. There are some video tutorials available online on how to diagnose this problem, and how to replace the wall switch. The wires have low voltage, so you do not need to worry about getting electric shocked.
    Brooklyn Garage Door Repair
  • Problem with the remote
      • If the garage door remote is not working, first try replacing the batteries. If it still doesn’t fix the problem, you might need to replace your garage door remote. You can purchase the remotes at your local hardware store or online. Before buying, make sure it is compatible with the model and make of your garage door opener. If you want a step by step instructions on how to program your new remote, there are instructional videos available online.
  • You have to hold down the wall switch to close the door
      • First check if the safety sensors are properly aligned. The small light should be on when there is nothing blocking the signal. If the light is off, it’s time to replace them. Keep in might that direct sunlight on the sensor eyes may cause it to malfunction.
  • The power outlet is working, but there are no sound or lights when i use the opener
      • If there is power to your outlet, but there are no sound or lights, you might have a bad circuit board. Most common reason this happens is when a lightning strikes. Replacing the circuit board sounds more complicated than it really is. If you’re really hesitant, call a garage door professional.
  • The light is not working
      • First check the bulbs are ok. If not you might have to replace the light socket.
      • Make sure you are using the right wattage. Higher wattage will cause a socket failure and is also a fire hazard. If you are using too strong of a bulb, your light cover might turn yellow from the heat.
  • Adding lubricant to the rails
      • It’s important to regularly add lubricant to the rails at least once or twice a year. During winter season, use lithium grease to prevent it from hardening due to the cold temperature. Check your local hardware stores for a garage door
      • compatible lubricant.
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      REMEMBER that for a more serious problems, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact a garage door professional! Your safety is much more valuable that any amount of money you could save!

    Brooklyn Garage Door Repair

    Brooklyn Garage Door Repair Satisfaction Guarantee

    Brooklyn Garage Door Repair wants you to rest easy while we repair your garage door; That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all garage door services, so you know you're making the right choice with Brooklyn Garage Door Repair.

    Brooklyn Garage Door Repair

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